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To Vape or Not to Vape at Work? [15%-off code inside]

April 2014
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Be a good ambassador for e-cigarettes!

To Vape or Not to Vape at Work?

McDonald’s allows them. Starbucks doesn’t. Thousands of other employers are still on the fence as to whether they should allow e-cigarettes in the workplace.

Vaping is still too new to have been included in most corporate policies, which poses a dilemma for employees as well. To vape or not to vape at work?

Proceed Cautiously

While you want to enjoy your vaping freedom, you might not want to rock the boat at work. So what do you do? We say proceed with caution and be respectful of those around you.

Here are some facts that could come in handy if your employer is considering a policy on e-cigs.

Facts employers should know:

  1. While they do contain nicotine, e-cigarettes do NOT contain the carbon monoxide, tar, and hundreds of other harmful toxins produced by burning tobacco.
  2. For the above reason, vapor does NOT have the effects of secondhand tobacco smoke.
  3. E-cigs are healthier, safer alternatives that have helped thousands of smokers kick their tobacco habits.
  4. Although nicotine is included, e-cigs can be bought with varying levels of nicotine, allowing one to “step down” from 24 mgs to 0 mgs nicotine.
  5. E-cigarette vapor dissipates without leaving behind a strong odor in the air or on clothing.
  6. E-cigarettes are currently not regulated by the FDA.
  7. There is no conclusive medical research pointing to harmful effects caused by vaping.

Armed with these facts, you can be an ambassador for e-cigarettes and help alleviate any concerns your employer and coworkers may have.

Have any other questions? Contact us with any other questions online, on Facebook, or at (888) 686-1579.



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