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Score one for the team with an E-Cigar

Take the Lead. Land some new players. Go long! Welcome out of hibernation, football fans! Somehow, you survived this loooong-awaited season, and it’s time to get your action-packed game on! High-five your buds, check those Fantasy Football stats, and make time for a long-lasting E-cigar that will see you through overtime. Don’t put your non-smoking pals on the defense with traditional cigars. Tackle that harsh, eye-irritating odor, and be a team-player by enjoying a tasty Smoke in Style E-Cigar instead.

Best Times are Found When Friends and Family Gather Round
e-cigar thanksgiving
A chill is in the air, but the warmth of home and holiday anticipation give reason to bring people together. Families gather, friends congregate, and a spirit of togetherness sees us through the long, dark evenings. There’s no need to excuse yourself from that bond of closeness to sneak a drag of that harmful standard cigarette or take a puff of that stinky traditional cigar in the bitter outdoors. Keep a juicy E-cigar or flavorful E-cig close at hand, and you’ll never have to leave the celebration.

Give Thanks!
electronic cigar thanksgiving
When you make the choice to use E-cigars, E-cigs, or E-pipes, you not only eliminate the health risks associated with standard smoking; you consciously preserve the well-being of those around you. Not only your community, but also the people you love the most. So, there’s much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Season. Here’s to continued health, love of family, and closeness of friends. And here’s to YOU, our loyal customers, for your unwavering support throughout the years!

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