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Pair of Tankomizers for Refillable e-Pipe

$17.95 (Excl. Tax)
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These tankomizers for e-Liquid are compatible ONLY with our refillable e-pipe. The set of two 2.5ml glass tanks includes two atomizers so that's one less replacement part to buy!

  • Refillable E-Pipe Kit


    This Pipe is currently out of stock... Please choose either V-Series or Hybrid Refillable e-Pipe... NOW INCLUDES E-JUICE! For the electronic pipe smoker who prefers the economy of refilling with e-liquid vs. the convenience of prefilled cartridges, we're happy to offer the World's Best Selling Refillable e-Pipe Kit on This product is currently out of stock. For parts, please see below. It has the same low price as our Hybrid rechargeable e-pipe kit, but you'll save money in the long run! This one comes with 2 refillable tankomizers with atomizers included. Simply refill the tank with up to 2.5 ml of your favorite e-Liquid.  One 10ml bottle of e-Liquid is included in the flavor & strength of your choice. If you're buying this kit as a gift, you'll be happy to see that it comes in a handsome gift box. Also, we recommend adding 3 more bottles of e-liquid, giving your lucky recipient a broader range of flavors to enjoy. Check out the wide variety of flavors on our e-Juice page! This wonderful kit is ready for e-pipe smokers anywhere in the world. Your 618 electronic pipe kit includes: 1 Bowl 2 Stem Mouthpieces 2 Tankomizers (2.5 ml ea.) 2 Atomizers 2 Rechargeable Batteries 1 Amber LED cap 1 Wall Charger 1 Bottle of E-Juice While supplies last, receive a FREE Single Disposable Electronic Cigar (non-rechargeable) with every e-Pipe Kit purchase! single-disposable-electronic-cigar-non-recha-1386807034-jpg

  • Set of 3 Refillable e-Pipe Atomizers


    This is a replacement atomizer / coil compatible ONLY with our refillable e-pipe. The typical user can expect the atomizer (which creates vapor from e-Liquids) to last up to one month until it burns out. Sold in sets of 3.

  • Wall Charger for e-Pipes


    This wall charger is compatible with all styles of electronic pipes we sell (prefilled e-pipe kit, refillable e-pipe kit and V-Series e-pipe) to recharge our 900mAh battery (sold separately).

    The charger will light red when charging and green when charging is complete. Our AC charger is only compatible with USA plugs. For EU plugs, please call for availability.

  • 900mAh Batteries for e-Pipes


    This 900mAh battery is compatible with our dual-power USA & EU wall charger for both styles of electronic pipes we sell (prefilled e-pipe kit or refillable e-pipe kit).

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