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Host an E-Juice Tasting Party

Unique Party Trend
Ladies, you’ve been to the candle parties (Bye bye, paycheck), cosmetic parties (Fingers crossed for no skin reaction), naughty underwear parties (Still on the hanger), and kitchenware parties (You mean I can cook and clean even more?? Woo!…Not). Why not try something you and your friends will surely enjoy? Host a relaxed evening of wine, food, and your favorite music, while giving the gals an opportunity to try a mouthwatering variety of E-Juice flavors.

Mix and Match
Who doesn’t like trying new E-cig flavors? There’s a flavor to suit any preference and enhance any mood. Pass out menu cards so attendees can write down their favorite flavors and rank them accordingly. Encourage your friends to try mixing E-juices and see who can come up with the most original or most delicious concoction? Who can come up with the coolest name for their combination? Mango-Colada Fantasy? Mocha-Amaretto Supreme? Vanilla-Cherry Bomb?

Winner Takes All
Playful competition brings a lot of laughs. Have your guests try to guess different combinations of E-Juice flavors. Stump them with Apple-Toffee, or Strawberry-Chocolate Cream. Winner takes home a lovely basket of Smoke In Style E-juices, or a sexy Smoke in Style E-Cigarette carrying case.

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