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E-Cigars and E-Cigs Fit For A Jedi Master

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Enjoy it, you will…

The flavorful Force of our E-Cigars and E-Cigs keeps you away from evil carcinogens, and closer to true, bold taste. You’ll find a strong Alliance of E-juice flavors and sexy e-cig devices to suit any preference and mood. Toasted Tobacco, Irish Cream, Royal Black, Rum, Toffee. Enjoy it, you will!

Stay on Target!

Cigarette habit got you down? Crush those impulses without sacrificing your Rebel nature. In our experience there’s no such thing as luck. Electronic Cigars and E-Cigarettes will help you “stay on target.” No Jedi mind tricks. Just pure relaxation and soothing aroma that lasts

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E-Pipe Kits

Electronic tobacco pipes have rechargeable batteries. Choose a kit with user-refillable atomizers -or- a kit with prefilled disposable cartridges. Buy e-pipes

E-Cigarette Kits

Deluxe “Smoke Anywhere” Kit

A great value if you’re more serious about leaving tobacco behind or want the ability to smoke anywhere. Buy deluxe kit

Pocket Starter Kit

Perfect for the first-timer, this kit offers the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes in a small, stylish case. Buy pocket kit


Electronic cigars come in 6 different flavors and 2 nicotine strengths. Choose from 1,000-puff disposable e-cigars or a rechargeable e-cigar kit.
Buy disposable e-cigars
Buy rechargeable e-cigars
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