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E-cig Liquid “e-Juice”

There are 2 kinds of vapers: those who enjoy the cost savings of refilling your own e-pipe or e-cig, and those who prefer buying prefilled cartridges. At, we’ve got you both covered!

With e-juice, vapers can choose from a wide variety of 25 flavors and 4 nicotine strengths (16mg, 11mg, 6mg, 0mg).

Our 10ml bottles are sold in sets of 3. Pick 3 flavors from the list. NOTE: If you would like different strengths for each of the 3 please let us know at checkout.

$16.95 (Excl. Tax)
Nicotine Strength *
E-juice Flavor * Sold in sets of 3. For 1 set, leave "How many?" as 1.

If you would like (2) of the same flavor please make a note on which flavor you would like (2) of.

How many ?

Your choice of flavors, any 3! Not sold individually.
E-juice is for use only in refillable e-cigs with clearomizers (aka cartomizers) or our refillable e-pipe tankomizers.

3 bottles (10ml) are just $16.95. We offer 25 flavors and 4 nicotine strengths to choose from.

At this price, you can go a little crazy and try some of the weirder flavors, like Amaretto or Pina Colada, just for a fun change of pace! Mix up your own flavors and tell us about it!


  • Refillable E-Pipe Kit


    This Pipe is currently out of stock... Please choose either V-Series or Hybrid Refillable e-Pipe... NOW INCLUDES E-JUICE! For the electronic pipe smoker who prefers the economy of refilling with e-liquid vs. the convenience of prefilled cartridges, we're happy to offer the World's Best Selling Refillable e-Pipe Kit on This product is currently out of stock. For parts, please see below. It has the same low price as our Hybrid rechargeable e-pipe kit, but you'll save money in the long run! This one comes with 2 refillable tankomizers with atomizers included. Simply refill the tank with up to 2.5 ml of your favorite e-Liquid.  One 10ml bottle of e-Liquid is included in the flavor & strength of your choice. If you're buying this kit as a gift, you'll be happy to see that it comes in a handsome gift box. Also, we recommend adding 3 more bottles of e-liquid, giving your lucky recipient a broader range of flavors to enjoy. Check out the wide variety of flavors on our e-Juice page! This wonderful kit is ready for e-pipe smokers anywhere in the world. Your 618 electronic pipe kit includes: 1 Bowl 2 Stem Mouthpieces 2 Tankomizers (2.5 ml ea.) 2 Atomizers 2 Rechargeable Batteries 1 Amber LED cap 1 Wall Charger 1 Bottle of E-Juice While supplies last, receive a FREE Single Disposable Electronic Cigar (non-rechargeable) with every e-Pipe Kit purchase! single-disposable-electronic-cigar-non-recha-1386807034-jpg

  • Variable Voltage MOD E-Cig Kit


    Finally, an e-cigarette that can smoke like an e-cigar at your command!

    Our variable-voltage MOD battery has a dial to go from mild to intense vapor. This "e-cig on steroids" (so to speak) comes with an empty clearomizer (aka cartomizer) called a CE4. The CE4 holds up to 1.6ml of e-juice liquid.

    For a limited time, get a bottle of e-juice in your choice of nicotine strengths FREE with your MOD kit! (We also carry e-liquid in 25 flavors.)

    One of this new kit's many bonus features is a lockable button — just hold down the button when you inhale, and "lock it before you pocket"!

    The MOD is larger and heavier than our other e-cig batteries (length varies depending on capacity). But this also means it holds a charge much longer!

    What's included in the kit:
    1 CE4 Clearomizer
    1 Variable Voltage MOD E-Cig Battery
    1 USB Charger with Wall Adapter
    Plus a bottle of e-juice in either Toasted Tobacco or Menthol flavor!

    Important note: Neither the MOD battery nor its CE4 clearomizer are compatible with our original e-cig products. Prefilled cartridges are also not available for the MOD battery.

  • Pair of Tankomizers for Refillable e-Pipe


    These tankomizers for e-Liquid are compatible ONLY with our refillable e-pipe. The set of two 2.5ml glass tanks includes two atomizers so that's one less replacement part to buy!

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