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CE4 Clearomizers for Variable Voltage MODs

Fits ONLY our large, variable-voltage MOD batteries. (Clearomizers for our regular-size e-cig batteries can be purchased here.)

$14.95 (Excl. Tax)
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With a tank that holds up to 1.6ml of e-juice fluid, the brightly colored CE4 clearomizer is our largest refillable e-cig clearomizer.

Available in sets of 4 (choose either the warm, cool or clear color group as shown in photo), the CE4 fits only our variable-voltage MOD batteries.

We recommend our e-juice, as only ours is formulated to the right thickness for the clearomizers and tankomizers sold on We carry 25 delectable flavors. Be sure to add some to your order!

Please note that CE4 clearomizers are NOT compatible with our regular e-cig batteries.


  • E-cig Liquid "e-Juice"


    Your choice of flavors, any 3! Not sold individually. E-juice is for use only in refillable e-cigs with clearomizers (aka cartomizers) or our refillable e-pipe tankomizers. 3 bottles (10ml) are just $16.95. We offer 25 flavors and 4 nicotine strengths to choose from. At this price, you can go a little crazy and try some of the weirder flavors, like Amaretto or Pina Colada, just for a fun change of pace! Mix up your own flavors and tell us about it!  

  • Variable Voltage MOD E-Cig Kit


    Finally, an e-cigarette that can smoke like an e-cigar at your command!

    Our variable-voltage MOD battery has a dial to go from mild to intense vapor. This "e-cig on steroids" (so to speak) comes with an empty clearomizer (aka cartomizer) called a CE4. The CE4 holds up to 1.6ml of e-juice liquid.

    For a limited time, get a bottle of e-juice in your choice of nicotine strengths FREE with your MOD kit! (We also carry e-liquid in 25 flavors.)

    One of this new kit's many bonus features is a lockable button — just hold down the button when you inhale, and "lock it before you pocket"!

    The MOD is larger and heavier than our other e-cig batteries (length varies depending on capacity). But this also means it holds a charge much longer!

    What's included in the kit:
    1 CE4 Clearomizer
    1 Variable Voltage MOD E-Cig Battery
    1 USB Charger with Wall Adapter
    Plus a bottle of e-juice in either Toasted Tobacco or Menthol flavor!

    Important note: Neither the MOD battery nor its CE4 clearomizer are compatible with our original e-cig products. Prefilled cartridges are also not available for the MOD battery.

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