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Behind the Myth

e-cig myths

There are quite a few myths out there about e-cigs, that Zeus himself would have a hard time keeping track. It’s no wonder there are so many questions about their use. We hope the following information will help you better understand what e-cigs do (and don’t do.) At Smoke in Style, we are happy to provide a variety of flavorful, stylish e-cig products to our satisfied customers, and are proud that our merchandise can help people quit the dangerous traditional cigarette habit. Let’s dispel the myths surrounding e-cigs.

Behind every myth, lies a fact. Here are the facts about electronic cigarettes:

Aphrodite e-Cigar

Electronic cigarettes are NOT just a passing trend. Each day more smokers are turning away from analog cigarettes and trying e-cigs, e-cigars, and e-pipes as the healthier, more enjoyable alternative. And most are never looking back! E-cigs are non-odorous, less offensive, and a long-awaited welcomed change to the old smoker lifestyle known for its smelly, cough-inducing, sickness-causing, and overall unattractive qualities. E-cigs promote a weaning from (and often a total freedom of) nicotine addiction, as well as a healthier option for dropping the carcinogenic habit.

Achilles e-Pipe

Vaping is as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable, than standard smoking for most ex- tobacco smokers. Not only can e-cig users pick their flavors and nicotine levels (high, medium, low, zero), they can vape without the guilt of smoking harmful cigarettes. E-cig users have more control over their e-cig product and use; whereas standard carcinogenic cigarettes have total control over the smokers who use them. Don’t let your old traditional cigarette habit be your Achilles’ Heel.

Xenia Electronic Pipe

Vapor from e-cig products IS NOT harmful to passersby. E-cigs do not contain the numerous hazardous chemicals that standard cigarettes contain, and the exhaled vapor behaves a lot differently than the typical long-lingering smoke cloud emitted from traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are the most considerate way people can enjoy a smoke, and not affect those around them. Xenia, Greek god of hospitality and friendship, would deem your e-cig use an utmost courtesy.

Bacchus Electronic Cigar

E-cig products do not create a temptation to use tobacco. Tobacco users addicted to standard cigarettes are more likely to try E-cigarette to help them quit their dangerous habit. It is highly unlikely that a non-smoker would just up and try an e-cig for the heck of it. E-cigs are for smokers who want to free themselves from unhealthy standard cigarettes. Even Bacchus, god of unrestraint, would think it a bit extreme to go from a healthy E-cig to gross tobacco.

Trojan Horse Cigarettes

The ingredients in E-cigs are NOT mysteries that have yet to be revealed. Actually, there have been numerous studies done on the components of electronic cigarette vapor. An E-cig contains less than 20 ingredients. All deemed safe for human consumption when used properly. It is interesting to note standard cigarette smoke contains cancer-causing ingredients, THOUSANDS of chemicals, not to mention arsenic and carbon monoxide. There are NO redeeming qualities in the ingredient list of today’s tobacco products. As most people learn, the traditional cigarette is a Trojan Horse. It may look harmless, but one cigarette contains hundreds of toxic chemicals just waiting to pour out and sneak into your lungs.

Hermes e-Cigarettes

E-cigs are NOT marketed to minors. Even young Hermes, the most mischievous god, would not be enticed by an e-cig. You’ll hear sensationalism that flavors and colors of e-cigs will make a 6 year old want to smoke an e-cig. The creators (and sellers in general) of e-cigs know their true consumer is an adult who wants to stop smoking. There is no benefit of targeting children, as the point of E-cigs is to comfortably wean present adult customers off of nicotine, and alleviate the high level of carcinogens they inhale. Laws prevent minors from buying cigarettes and e-cigs alike. To ensure your 6 year old does not buy an e-cig, we recommend not giving him/her your computer password and your credit card to go online and purchase one. Although, we think you’d more likely see a charge on your card for a video game than see a charge for an e-cig if that were the case.

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