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Be A Legend In Your Own Time

If Smoke in Style e cigs, e cigars, and e pipes were around when classic Hollywood legends lit up movie screens…

E-cigarettes put glamour in your moments. Be larger than life.

Pure Elegance meets Untamable Spirit. Men were fearless, and women were oh so candid. Audrey and James would’ve enjoyed expressing their strong individualities with electronic cigarettes.

E-cigars invite the unexpected. Create your own plot twists.

Strong, yet sensitive. Unassuming, yet cunning. Electronic cigar lovers enjoy an element of surprise in their day. Brando and Hitchcock were no different. Brando could tackle anything that hit him. Hitchcock loved a good shock.

E-pipes stand out in a crowd. Take the leading role.

Dashing Good Looks meet Towering Confidence. Electronic pipes would have been a favorite of Hudson and Bogart. The stylish, sophisticated look of an e pipe would only enhance their already rugged handsomeness.

What e-cig would your favorite classic movie star have enjoyed?

Enter to win our Vaper-azzi Photography Contest. Strike a pose…and score some free stuff!

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