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Why I started

by Gene “Geno” Majni

For me, smoking electronic cigarettes has been an easy transition. I really didn’t want to quit smoking, but it was important to my wife that her husband didn’t smell like an ashtray!

A Fantastic Decision

After just few days of using my first e-cig, it was clear I had made a fantastic decision. I smelled better and also felt better — because I had finally broken my dependence on traditional cigarettes.  I was so impressed that I wanted to share my new discovery with every smoker I knew. Everyone wanted my help buying their own e-cigs, and I’ve always been the helpful type. 🙂

After an extensive search for products of the highest quality and dependability, as well as the most attractive, my wife and I started supplying wholesale e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and e-cigars to restaurants, bars, smoke shops, convenience stores and other retail venues. Was Born

To keep up with demand, a website quickly became necessary, so was born.

We chose the name “Smoke In Style” because right from the start we noticed that our customers prefer the most stylish components of e-cigarettes we could offer, from a colorfully glowing tip to fancy, sleek batteries to extra-nice cigarette cases. If you’re gonna smoke, we say, Smoke In Style!

I am confident that we have assembled an incredible line of products, but this is just the beginning. We intend to listen to our customers’ requests for stylish new products in order to keep adding the best and brightest accessories to our website. Whether you want us to add animal prints or Swarovski-crystal cases, we’ll check out every suggestion and try to add it as a product on our site.

We hope you’ll share your comments and suggestions through the “Contact Us” page. We look forward to hearing from you!