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A Dynamic Balance: E-Cigars keep you in the game.

E-Cigar golf outings

It Don’t Mean A Thing if You Ain’t Got That Swing.

Golfers know balance can either make or break your game. Having to stop what you’re doing to tend to a standard cigar between swings knocks your rhythm out of whack, breaks your focus, and crushes what may have been your best game ever. E-cigars liberate you from the hassles of having to cut and relight numerous times, and they can be placed safely on any surface without fear of burning the greens or trashing your cart. Focus on the game. Not babysitting your smoke.

Golfers and E-Cigar Users Agree: Less is More.

A single chargeable e-cigar gives a longer lasting smoke that will get you through an entire afternoon of play. . Our electronic cigars ensure that you’ll experience uninterrupted, satisfying taste through each round, without having to tote around a traveling humidor. How’s that for an Ace?

Respect: It’s Just Par for the Course.

Golf is sport, leisure, and networking all wrapped into one. So, it’s always a good idea to show the utmost consideration for your fellow golfers. With standard cigars, you have to worry which direction the wind is taking your smoke, or if you’ll even be allowed to smoke at all. Most clubs are happy to allow e-cigars on the course, in the club house, or at the 19th hole, as secondhand smoke is never an issue, and doesn’t interfere with your nonsmoking companions’ enjoyment.
E-Cigar for golfing

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E-Cigarette Kits

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