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Designer E-Cigarette Batteries

Limited time only! Buy 1 get 1 free! Select 2 (9.98 each) for the price of 1 (19.96)!
Compatible with both prefilled cartridges and our new European Style Clearomizers if you’re the “Fill Your Own” type!

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1 to 1 = $19.96 each
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Crystal tips are now available! Or choose our original ash tips. Mix, match, clash or coordinate — it's up to you. Pair our lithium-ion designer battery with your choice of 4 cartridge colors (available in 6 flavors and 4 strengths from zero nicotine to 16mg) so you can create your own signature look.

NEW - now carries refillable clearomizers that are compatible with these batteries!


All of our e-cig batteries are backed by a full lifetime warranty — plus we offer free disposal (just mail them to us at Smoke In Style, PO Box 525, Lake Jackson, TX 77566).

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E-Pipe Kits

Electronic tobacco pipes have rechargeable batteries. Choose a kit with user-refillable atomizers -or- a kit with prefilled disposable cartridges. Buy e-pipes

E-Cigarette Kits

Deluxe “Smoke Anywhere” Kit

A great value if you’re more serious about leaving tobacco behind or want the ability to smoke anywhere. Buy deluxe kit

Pocket Starter Kit

Perfect for the first-timer, this kit offers the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes in a small, stylish case. Buy pocket kit


Electronic cigars come in 6 different flavors and 2 nicotine strengths. Choose from 1,000-puff disposable e-cigars or a rechargeable e-cigar kit.
Buy disposable e-cigars
Buy rechargeable e-cigars
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